What to Think About When Planning to Travel the World

Many people love the thought of prolonged travel lifestyle in which you take months or perhaps years to travel around the world, seeing the planet. It might have first started from the romantic notion of exploring the globe with your loved ones, or from any picture that highlights far off sights and voyages. It really isn't as easy as hopping on a plane, unless of course you're really rich, and the majority of travelling needs some forethought regarding organizing, finances, timing, and so on.

Pre-planning is extremely vital to a long-term trip, with factors including personal travel insurance, air flights and overall destinations. It would be highly recommended to invest in a long-term travelling guide to ensure your trip is organized well. While arranging every single day and destination isn't essential(often the perfect finds are made just by making it up as you go), creating lists of your prime places is a great start, and research into the areas should be done. This could help you in the future when you want to travel to a country that requires a special visa or perhaps vaccines. You will also be able to prepare out seasons, if you don't want to visit far northern or southern places during winter. Organizing out your timing for how long to remain in one place might be done in advance as well. Paris and the surrounding area could take two weeks, while Cairo, Egypt could be only 3-4 days.

Until you are retired, or living off an inheritance, you're probably going to have to set up a budget for your journey. If you're planning to travel for a year, you'll have to know how much you can spend on a per week and monthly basis, to ensure that you are not abruptly going to run out of funds half way through your adventures. One way to do this is to set up two separate bank accounts: one for your entire spending funds, and one for a weekly budget. Then every week you'll just be able to expend the weekly budget, and at the end of the week top up with the overall bank account.

Train Travel Budget Planning Using The Trainline

Based in the United Kingdom, The Trainline is an independent ticket provider that offers tickets for all of the mainland UK rail companies. Fares vary in term of price range and are applicable to the journey that you choose.

What makes getting tickets from The Trainline so desirable is that it allows you to book tickets not just in advance, but right up till 6 PM before the day you wish to travel. Moreover, tickets bought in advance are subject to a £10 per ticket fee incase an amendment is requested and are generally non-refundable.

Off-peak Trainline tickets can be reserved at all times, however, travelers can only use them on the specified off-peak trains. Then there are 'Anytime tickets', which can be acquired any time before traveling. These tickets offer utmost flexibility. However, these are extremely expensive and offer travelers to reserve a seat.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets over the internet, bear in mind that the delivery of your tickets is dependent upon your post code and how far in advance you have purchased them. Tickets that have ample delivery time are sent to the traveler through postal mail. However, you can easily pick them up from any self-service ticket machine that is available at most rail stations and other selected locations.

Trip Planning Timeline for Friends and Family Travel

The following represents the minimum amount of advance time in planning your group's next trip. Follow this simple timeline and save yourself and your travel group some serious trip planning headaches.

3 to 6 Months Prior to Departure
Establish the leader, main trip planner (point person) for the trip
Determine the type of trip - possible destinations, themes, budget
Determine timing and duration of the trip
Find quality travel providers who can help plan but also book the trip for you
Start building a rough itinerary

~ 3 Months Prior to Departure
Submit Visa applications (if applicable)
Book travel protection insurance (if desired)
Secure required health documentation forms
Purchase trip (deposit or full pay, depending on travel provider)

2 Months Prior to Departure
Finalize the group's itinerary and any optional activities, tours, etc. (best to not have any major changes beyond this point)
Load mobile apps to your device and get familiar with them
Share relevant YouTube videos and Pinterest boards about the destination